Undertile heating mat layout When installing the Klima undertile heating mat system we recommend to maintain a minimum 50mm gap away from all walls and fixed funiture.

Fixed Funiture is item which are fixed to the floor i.e.
- Floor mounted toilets
- Floor mounted sinks
- Shower Trays
- Bathtubs
- Kitchen islands & Cabinets

Underfloor cannot go underneath any carpets or rugs as well.

When you have measured out your area we always recommend to go smaller not bigger.
As with underfloor heating going with a smaller sized mats means you are confident that it will fit and as the cable is a resistance wire it cannot be cut or shorteneded as doing so will void the warranty.

Things to Note

1) When installing Klima Undertile heating mat or the Klima Underwood Heating Foilmat these systems can be installed underneath:
-coffee tables
-dinning room table

It can be installed under funiture but this funiture must be on legs have a minimum clearance of 4cm from the bottom of the funiture to the floor finish, in doing so will allow for the heat to escape from under the funiture and into the room. See the below photo for a better idea:

As we can see above the arrows showcase how the heat is able to escape from the floor finish and as there gap between the bottom of the funtiure and the floor finish this allows for the heat to escape into the area without causing a build up of heat.

2) Always do a ohms resistance test at the following stages
- Before unrolling the underfloor heating system
-When the system is fully rolled out
-When the floor finish has been laid

If your unsure on how to do a ohms resistance reading then please view the video below:


Ensure that all readings are written down in full and is signed off by a qualified electrician and is written on the control check card as this will form part of your warranty.

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