Using Underfloor Heating in a Commercial Property


Floor Heating-Direct which is part of the Magnum underfloor Heating group can supply quality Underfloor Heating into a broad array of commercial properties:

    • Social Housing

    • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education

    • Offices

    • Hospitality industry

    • Churches

    When specifying  underfloor heating in commercial projects it is important to use a comapny with experience in the commercial sectors  who have specialist design-and-supply and also suitable liability and insurance in place

    Wet Underfloor Heating Systems are a common choice of heating for new domestic housing and apartment blocks because it frees up limited wall space allowing a larger area to be used for furniture and fittings but there are also big benefits for using  it in larger commercial projects. Underfloor Heating produces an even heat flow which allows radiant heat to rise from the floor without the convection currents created by traditional radiators;heat therefore is utilised at the lower and middle levels of a room rather than flowing straight to the top of a ceiling. This is the ideal  for the large open areas found in warehouses, schools and public spaces such as reception areas, as the radiant heat will not be lost in the same way that high air changes would lose convected heat. The low flow temperatures of warm water UFH make it an ideal partner for heat pumps, allowing the heat pump to operate efficiently and giving a higher coefficient of performance (CoP). This is particularly important under the soon-to-be-updated Regulation 25A (within Building Regulation Part L2A), which covers ‘Consideration of high-efficiency alternative systems for new buildings’.

    Low flow temperatures also mean that a standard gas or oil condensing boiler will operate in condensing mode more frequently, improving efficiency. Water Underfloor Heating  pipes are generally specified as 20mm in large, open, commercial applications although systems utilizing 16mm or 10mm may be more appropriate in some circumstances.

    Specification & System Design

    The intial planning and detailed design is crucial to the eventual success of any complex heating system. A good design/supply company will undertake a thorough assessment of each project, taking into account all relevant information in the design process before specifying the most appropriate systems.   It is important that the Underfloor Heating Designers work in partnership with the Architect and Mechanical Enginner to design a system that is going to suitable and efficient for the project.

    Floor Heating Designers can provide bespoke heating pipe layouts and manifold drawings  which with this level of detail ensures the Underfloro Heating System can perform in line with detailed design calculations and the supplier can guarantee the system design will meet the building heat load.


    It is important that when choosing a comemrcial applicationt hat you look at the systems certifications and warranties, but more importantly the suppliers lengh of trading and experience, it is all too common to seeing long gurantees being offered when the supplier is only a very young company with little experience. A good quality system from a reputable supplier such as Floor Heating Direct should offer usually at least 50 years on the heating pipes.  Other components such as manifolds and pumps, etc., will have differing warranties often linked to the original manufacturer, but all should be sufficient to offer the purchaser complete peace of mind.

    There are so many retailers offering Underfloor Heating systems it is difficult to determine their credibility and quality with the factys and figures they provide, opting to go with a supplier that is part of a manufacturing group such as Floor Heating Direct with their Touch Brand gives you the satisfaction and peace of mind that you are buying a reliable and tested system with pre and post sales support.

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