Using Insulation with underfloor Heating makes a huge difference

Using Insulation with Underfloor Heating makes a huge difference

New further revisions to Part L come into force recently that stipulate that new build homes will have to be 6% more energy efficient than under the current regulations (and commercial properties 9% more energy efficient are welcomed as it makes both water and electric systems more efficinet and cost effective to run.

Touch Underfloor Heating always recommend an insulated subfloor to minimise heat loss which in turn will reduce the amount of time that the floor heating system is actually consuming power.

A great example would be when using the Touch Underfloor Heating Mat - firstly install the 6mm or 10mm thermal boards (sometimes called tile backer boards) which not only makes the tiling much easier but also can increase the reaction time, meaning the floor can heat up as quickly as 30-40mins.  w

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