What happens if my Electric Underfloor Heating fails?

Do not panic all is not lost even if your heating system has already been installed!

It is important that you firstly make the right choice of supplier when purchasing your underfloor heating system, and ensure that products your choosing have the highest certifications and warranties to back it up.  There are many websites selling underfloor heating that offer lifetime warranties and unrealistic performance figures when they have only been trading a few years and many of them are just resellers and not the actual manufacturer so be careful and choose wisely!!

Floor Heating Direct is part of a manufacturing group and has been trading for over 25 years, therefore the trust and confidence in our products is already there but more importantly we have our own in house engineers who can repair and fix damaged underfloor heating systems, even although they are already installed.

It is very unlikely that your electric underfloor heating system will fail due to a manufacturing default, it more common for the system to fail due to an installation error.  Our comprehensive instructions and dedicated support line should make your installation a straight forward process and if all the checks have been carried out properly your system should give you a lifetime of performance.  Items such as the thermostat and floor sensor should be  easily replaceable if they are  damaged or broken, the heating system involves specialised equipment and this can be arranged via one of our engineers.

Floor Heating Direct engineers use specialised equipment to put a high voltage through the heating cables which heats the cables, we then use a heat seeking infra red camera to see the outline of the heating cables under the floor covering.  The heating cable will get very hot in the area it is damaged which will be picked up by the camera, the engineer can then exactly pinpoint where the damage is and only expose that individual part without having to lift the whole flooring, the system can then be repaired.

It is important that you call our dedicated technical support line (telephone: 01887 822028) first for the help advice before exposing any of the heating system if it is damaged.  In most cases the underfloor heating elements are fine but it is a simple issue with controller or floor sensor.

Contact our technical department for more information



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