• Thin Underfloor Heating

    Thin underfloor heating systems have become more in demand lately, due to the advantages of underfloor heating being noticed, and people renovating preexisting properties. There are some advantages and disadvantaged you may wish to be aware of when you are planning to install a thin underfloor heating system.Benefits of Thin Underfloor Heating systems Thin Underfloor Heating systems can take up a minimal build height;...
  • Testing Underfloor Heating

    Testing underfloor heating is an essential part of the installation of any underfloor heating systems, and can prevent a serious, and potentially costly, issue at a later stage. In this article, we will guide you how to testing underfloor heating for various types of systems.Electric Underfloor Heating systemsTesting Underfloor Heating Under Tile MatTo test the under tile heating mat, you will require the following items...
  • Turning on Underfloor Heating for the first time

    When you are turning on underfloor heating for the first time, there a few factors to keep in mind to ensure the system functions correctly in the short and long term; this is a critical period for both electric and water underfloor heating system. Drying Time of AdhesiveWhen turning on underfloor heating for the first time, it is essential you have followed the adhesive...
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