Turning on Underfloor Heating for the first time

When you are turning on underfloor heating for the first time, there a few factors to keep in mind to ensure the system functions correctly in the short and long term; this is a critical period for both electric and water underfloor heating system.

Drying Time of Adhesive

When turning on underfloor heating for the first time, it is essential you have followed the adhesive or screed companies instructions for drying times BEFORE you put any power, or hot water, to the underfloor heating. It is essential to ensure the adhesive has adequately set to avoid the risk of cracking in the screed. Always consult the screed or adhesive manufacturer for exact drying times, various manufacturers may offer a fast drying screed, which will reduce the time required for drying or setting of the screed.

Type of Flooring

Different types of flooring may require settling periods before turning on Underfloor Heating for the first time. Such floorings as laminate could be turned on as soon as it is fitted if using a system like our underwood foil heating system.

However, wooden floorings and engineered floorings will require a period to settle so they don't warp or move.

Tiles and other solid floor finishes will require extra drying tiles due to the adhesive used to stick down. This is extra to the standard drying time for any self-leveller fitted, so make sure you consult the adhesive manufacturer for timings before Turning on Underfloor Heating for the first time.

Vinyl and other types of floorings will also have their drying or setting periods before the underfloor heating is turned on, and we would always recommend consulting the manufacturer before installing.

Underfloor heating is a great way to heat your property, or just to warm your floor; however these simple, and easy steps, can stop you getting issues with the flooring and systems in the future, and why we would always recommend reading the instructions, for the flooring and underfloor heating, thoroughly before fitting.
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