Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating

Allowing sufficient time is a crucial aspect of any underfloor heating installation to ensure a suitable Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating to avoid issues with cracking and another installation issue. This can be a long period, that can cause delays in the project, amounting in more costs, financial and time, and can ultimately lead to a failure of final floor finishes if a Screed Drying Time Underfloor Heating has not adhered too. It also highlights the importance of following all instructions for screeding companies, ensuring compatibility with underfloor heating and recommended drying times.

Below is a list of different types of screeds and how they can work with a water underfloor heating and Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating;

Traditional screeds
Screeds with additives
Liquid floor screeds

Traditional Screeds

Traditional screeds are the most common form of Installation screed, usually, consisting of cement and sand mixed in the ratio of 1: 4-5, and typically requiring one day Per mm of Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating. However, it may be possible to allow light traffic to walk on the screed after 48 hours. Always consult with the screeding manufacturer for suitability before stepping on the screed.

Screeds with additives

The market has become commonplace to find screed additives or premixed screeds with additives to allow for a quicker Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating. Using chemicals and other additives, screed drying times can be reduced by days, while allowing for a stronger screed reducing the risk of cracking.

Liquid floor screeds

While the most expensive of-all screeding types, liquid screeds have become an optimal solution for those requiring a fast Screed Drying Time for Underfloor Heating, and also reduces the depth of screed needed, while keeping the strength required for underfloor heating to avoid cracking.


ALWAYS first contact the screeding manufacturer for compatibility with any underfloor heating system.
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