Thin Underfloor Heating

Thin underfloor heating systems have become more in demand lately, due to the advantages of underfloor heating being noticed, and people renovating preexisting properties. There are some advantages and disadvantaged you may wish to be aware of when you are planning to install a thin underfloor heating system.

Benefits of Thin Underfloor Heating systems

  • Thin Underfloor Heating systems can take up a minimal build height; this may be an obvious statement, but something people find surprising.

  • Thin Underfloor Heating systems can be fitted under any floor types, without the need for any special procedures being followed. There are many smaller types of systems on the market that are specially designed to be fitted under each floor type and to make it the thinnest build height possible. We recommend always checking with the flooring manufacturer for their guidance and always check you have the correct system for that floor type. Call us on 01887 822028 if you have any questions BEFORE purchase of the system.

Disadvantages of Thin Underfloor Heating systems

  • Thin Underfloor Heating systems can be costlier than more traditional method due to them being specially designed for particular applications and floor coverings. Slimline water underfloor heating systems generally have a lot more components than a conventional underfloor heating system, and this can cause, sometimes, a considerable increase in pricing.

  • As with any underfloor heating, insulation is essential to ensure an effective and efficient system. If in doubt, we recommend sacrificing on the height, or a small step, to provide insulation can be fitted. You may wish to consider using a thin type of underfloor heating system, such as our Thermal Board Insulation.

If in doubt, please call and we would be happy to provide a quotation for any of our systems. Call us on 01887 822028 or email
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