Celotex Floor Insulation

Klima underfloor heating has been recommending Celotex floor insulation for many years as we see them being one of the best brands in the Insulation market.  Key to any Underfloor Heating Insulation is using a quality insulation to prevent downward heat and improve efficiency.  Celotex themselves also highlights that insulation forms an essential part of any well designed underfloor heating systems.

Celotex recommends using Celotex floor insulation FI5000, which they describe as a premium flooring product targeted at under screed applications to minimise insulation thickness and downward heat loss. This premium performance Celotex floor insulation PIR solution provides reliable long term energy savings for building structures and has excellent dimensional stability.

This insulation system can also be used in conjunction with our Klima Pipe retaining clips may be inserted directly into the Celotex insulation, which has an enhanced compressive strength of ≥175kPa.

Application Benefits:

  • Minimal downward heat loss into the structure

  • The enhanced compressive strength of ≥175 kPa with premium performance Celotex FI5000 offering enhanced dimensional stability

  • The composite facer of Celotex FI5000 features a built-in vapour control layer, enabling direct screed, without the need for an additional separating layer. This saves the installer time and money.

  • Easy to cut boards to fit in most spaces

  • Pipe retaining clips easily inserted into the Celotex insulation

Klima Underfloor Heating would recommend a minimum of 100mm PIRE insulation is required, but depending on the minimum U value that is required to be met this thickness could be increased or decreased.  Using a high-performance insulation such as the Celotex FI5000 can reduce this to 75mm. Another consideration to take into account when laying a screed over Underfloor Heating is to allow for an expansion gap around the perimeter, this gap can usually be covered or hidden by a skirting board.

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