Benefits of a Electric Underfloor Heating WiFi Thermostat?

Although there are many advantages to using a WIFI thermostat with traditional central heating systems there is fewer benefits when using it in conjunction with a Underfloor Heating System.  Unlike a central heating system with radiators where the heating is almost instantaneous, Floor Heating systems take a while for the heat to penetrate through and radiate into the room.  Most digital Floor Heating Thermostats with a built in set back facility and time programmable function are all that is required as they will come when you require and maintain an efficient level of heat when the system is not in use.  In our experience the premium you pay for a wifi thermostat outweighs the benefits as normally you will change the heat settings on your system once in winter then again in summer.

All being said there is also some benefits to a WIFI thermostat such as operating the system when you are not in your home, which means you can change the operating times and temperature, this may be of great benefit for instance if it is a holiday home and you can switch the system on prior to arrival.  I think as technology advances we will see more and more WIFI enabled thermostats that can have even more additional benefits such as energy controls and outside/inside

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