What is the best floor finish for Underfloor Heating?

Which Floor Finish is best for use with Underfloor Heating?

It is a popular misconception that floor heating can only be fitted with certain types of floor finishes; there are now UFH systems available that are suitable for use under most floor coverings. However, different floor finishes perform differently and have varying insulating characteristics, which may affect the energy required to run the floor heating system.

  1. Vinyl floor coverings are becoming very popular and are suitable for use with Underfloor Heating systems, provided they are tolerant of high surface temperatures. We would recommend using a high quality Vinyl such as Amteco or Karndean in conjunction with our Touch Undertile Mat which would be covered with a minimum 10mm self leveller

  2. Carpet may also be used, but floor heating is less effective with thick carpets and underlay (no more than 2.5 tog combined). This is not the best choice for underfloor heating and we only use it in conjunction with our Touch heating Screed Cable system

  3. Floating Wooden floors such as Laminate and Engineered flooring also work well when used with a suitable floor heating system (Touch Underwood Foil System). However, the moisture content of the timber must be nominal and stable. Using the Touch Digital Controller we recommend that the temperature does not exceed 28 degrees C. We would only recommend using this in dry areas only

  4. Ceramic tiles, stone, marble, slate or similiar coverings are good conductors of heat and thermal energy and are therefore are highly compatible to floor heating systems as they absorb the heat and radiate the heat out (Touch heating Mat and Undertile Heating Cable Systems)

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