Pros and Cons of Water and Electric Underfloor Heating Systems?

Water Underfloor Heating Systems - PROS

  • Extremely efficient to run and works at lower temperatures.  Can be powered by a variety of heat sources e.g Gas, Oil, Heat Exchanges etc

  • Can be used in conjunction with smart meters and Wi-Fi thermostats

  • Normally incorporated in the floor construction so a Varity of floor finishes can be laid on top

Water Heating Systems - CONS

  • Initial purchase cost is expensive

  • Installation cost more expensive than Electric as requires normally a builder and a plumber

  • Pipes are difficult to repair if damaged

Electric Underfloor Heating PROS

  • Relatively Inexpensive to install over water systems

  • Easier Installation

  • Easy Installation on upper floors or floating floors

  • easy to repair

Electric Heating systems - CONS

  • More expensive running costs

  • Limited to floor coverings choice

  • Not as efficient as water based systems

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