Can I use more than 1 x Electric Underfloor Heating Mat on a Thermostat?

The simple answer is yes but there are some limitations.  Most Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostats have a maximum loading of 16 amps, a 10sqm Under Tile floor Heating Mat at 150 watts per sqm has a amperage of 6.5 amps.  The general rule for Touch underfloor Heating mats is that you can connect 23 square meters of Underfloor Heating Mats to 1 x Thermostat.

The Electric Underfloor Heating mats are connected in parallel and not series, this means the mats are not all joined together but are connected independently to the back of the controller, the floor sensor is then located under one of the mats and this determines the temperature for all the other mats.

It may be necessary when using more than 2 x Floor Heating Mats to connect them via suitably rated junction box as the terminal space at the back of the controller will only fit 2 x mats connection wires, if this is the case always wire 1 x mat directly into the controller and the other 2 via the junction box.

If the loading of the Underfloor Heating mats exceeds 16amps you will have to wire the mats via a suitably rated Contactor which splits the load, again if this is the case always wire 1 x mat directly to the controller and the other mats via the contacted so the controller always has a load on it.

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