Electric Underfloor Heating Installation Checklist

  • To begin Electric Underfloor Heating Installation decide which room you are going to install the underfloor heating and decide on the floor finish, floor construction, and the size (m2) you can then select the appropriate system or contact floorheating-direct to choose.

  • Note where the kitchen and bathroom appliances and furniture will be located. We do not recommend installing underfloor heating under kitchen units, baths, showers, or pedestal toilets; we can then work out the free floor space that is left.

  • You can either call floor heating-direct on 01887 822028 or email sales@uk2.ezeeinternet.net for a free quotation where we can also advise you on all your options.

  • We do recommend that the underfloor heating system has good sufficient insulation underneath to help reflect the heat back upwards and improve the efficiency of the system

  • Agree where you want your controller located, this should be accessible and not in a place that can be affected by an extreme change in temperatures such as a heating cupboard or cold room etc. We would recommend 1.2mtrs up the wall from the floor

  • Floor Heating-Direct provide quality easy to sue installation instructions with their Touch Underfloor heating system, we advise that they are followed to ensure the system is installed correctly, and it can run efficiently.

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