How does the floor sensor detect the temperature for Electric Underfloor Heating?

The most efficient way of running and controlling Electric Underfloor Heating is by using a controller that has a floor sensor attached that is located in the floor in between the heating cables.  The floor sensor should be located inside a hollow conduit pipe that runs down the back of the wall and into the floor construction, this means the sensor can be protected from the screed or adhesive so no damage is caused but also can easily be pulled out and new one fed back if necessary at a later date.

The sensor cable is signal/bell wire and has a probe at the end of the sensor that detects the temperature.  By being located next top the heating cable the temperature is more reactive and less influenced by the changes in Ambient temperature meaning the system will constantly adjust itself without the need for being on for extended periods of time.

Although the controller on the wall can be switched to read the Ambient temperature, it is not Touch Underfloor Heatings preferred option as it can be easily influenced by draughts, sunlight, high temperatures etc meaning your Underfloor Heating system will either run constantly or not at all.  Tocuh Underfloor Heating provised the 10mm conduit pipe as part of the Kit.

More thermostat help can be found here.
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