Why is VDE certification so important on Electric Underfloor Heating mats?

Floor Heating-Direct with our Touch Underfloor Heating brand has invested a lot of mioney in making sure our Electric Floor Heating Mats meet the highest standards possible and that si why we have invested in VDE Electric Underfloor Heating Certification.

With the testing and certification of the VDE Institute, an independent body confirms that products are state-of-the-art and guarantee safety for the user.

Our VDE certification marks, which are recognized and respected as quality seals, enable the safety and quality of devices, components and systems which thus can be communicated as best as possible to consumers, retailers, customers and business partners.

The VDE certification marks represent security. The consumer can rely on them. After a successful control of manufacturing facilities, product inspections and the regular production monitoring, the VDE Institute awards various marks, and we are proud to have been awarded the VDE Electric Underfloor Heating Certification.

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