The future of Underfloor Heating?

Whether it is water Underfloor Heating or Electric Underfloor we have seen significant change over the years in the systems that are being produced which is been driven by the needs of the modern consumer who is now more environmentally aware as to which means to power their system and also the increase in contemporary building techniques which have lowered the demand for higher heat output systems to reduce output systems.

The various measures and incentives to increase existing homes energy efficiency such as wall and loft cavity insulation have meant that manufacturers can offer lower wattage output systems to heat the homes whereas in the past they would have needed a lot higher heat outputs. The renovation sector has seen massive energy efficiency gains from better grade materials including insulation, doors, glazing etc. which again means we can use lower heat output systems to get similar results.

The power needed to heat your underfloor heating whether by electric or water has also significantly changed in many years, traditional systems such as oil, LPG etc. are now being replaced by more modern efficient systems such as heat exchangers, heat pumps, solar etc. to generate the power meaning the cost of running a lot of systems has been dramatically reduced. Manufacturers are also embracing modern, efficient products such as Floor Heating-Direct only use energy efficient pumps which are A rated with their Water Underfloor Heating manifold systems.

People have to be well informed both by their suppliers and installers about new modern energy efficient floor heating systems and not be influenced by the old traditional norm with high outputs and high running cost.
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