Quality Underfloor Heating Manifolds for a pain free system

FloorHeating-Direct and Touch Underfloor Heating aim always to use the highest quality systems, that is why we use UTubes systems Underfloor Heating Manifolds made in Holland to the HIGHEST European Certifications. Compared to other systems on the market, we do not use an off the shelf solution and manufacture and assemble ourselves to ensure peace of mind and a pain-free installation for your fitter and you! Underfloor Heating Stainless steel manifolds are resistant to corrosion and rusting. As a leading European manufacturer of Underfloor Heating, both electric and water systems, we are regularly contacted by suppliers from various parts of the worlds, but they only prove one thing, they offer the world but supply an inferior system. These systems are always way below our expectations, and we are not going to gamble on our high quality for the sake of only to reduce our prices, yet supply an inadequate system to our customers.

Our manifold comes with flor valves, as well as filling/drain valves and also isolation ball valves. All of our manifolds come supplied with a Grundfos Alpha2L blending valve, to ensure you have the most energy efficient system available. To provide a secure connection between the pipes and the manifold, we supply euroconus press fittings to ensure a complete, leak-free system so you can enjoy underfloor heating as it is meant to be; Pain & worry free. Flow rates can easily be adjusted at individual ports using the flow meters supplied.

To ensure quality throughout our system, we have chosen French produced Watts and Holland manufactured Magnum 230v Actuators. These actuators have an indicator to show when ports are closed or open (normally closed to avoid any unexpected spillages during installation).
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