Different installation methods with Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Installation on Steel Mesh

For installation on a steel mesh system, the underfloor heating pipes are fixed via a tie wrap system onto the smooth steel grid mesh.  Depending on the desired pipe spacing, you would choose the mesh size to suit e.g 10cm x 10cm (100mm pipe spacing) or 15cm x 15cm (150mm pipe spacing).  This way of installation can be applied to already insulated floors, or in situations in which the height is limited, allowing for further strengthening of the screed, where height is an issue.

Installation of Tacker

For installation using tacker, the heating pipes are attached to insulation using plastic tacker clips of 40mm or 60mm.  This is the cheapest solution to install.

Place the pipes onto a suitable foil backed insulation, such as Kingspan or Cellotex, or using a reflection foil insulation system, and place the tackers at a 30mm spacing along the pipe, securing using a Tacker gun or pushing them in with your hands.  We would not advise hammering these clips into the insulation in case you damage the pipe.

Installation on Castellated Plates

For installation using castellated Plates, the heating tubes are pressed into a preset plastic grid egg box style crate.  The Castellated Plates are laid over the whole floor construction and are fixed together which allows fast a nd secure fixing of the pipes.  Floor Heating Direct also offer castellated Plates with Insulation under the crates allowing for better performance.

Installation using Pipe Fixing rails or Hammer Clips

Similair to the Tacker clips, fixing rails and Hammer clips are a quick, easy  and a cheaper solution for securing the Water Underfloor Heating Pipes to the subfloor.  Both systems can be installed directly to a suitable Insulation or onto a Concrete subfloor.  When fixing onto a Concrete subfloor, predrilled holes into the Concrete will allow for the secure fixing of the Pipe Fixing rails, the pipes can then be attached and pushed into position.  The Plastic Hammer clips fix easily over the pipes securing the pipes to the subfloor.

Dry Floor Installation

A unique and low height fixing system, if and where you do not have the depth available, the dry floor system is a simple solution.  The system comes in 2 x different depths, 25mm & 15mm, and is easily fitted using the pre-set grooves on the floor plates and diffuser plates; Laminate or Engineered wood flooring can be placed directly over the top.  Suitable for all building types and suspended floors, in accordance with the flooring manufacturers recommendations.
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