DIY Underfloor Heating

Water and Electric Underfloor Heating systems are not overly complicated to install, and you can DIY Underfloor Heating if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, any competent DIYer would find it relatively simple. However, we would recommend that the final connections are carried out by a qualified Electrician for Electric Underfloor Heating systems or in the case of a Water Systems, a Plumber.

The reason we say that a qualified Electrician makes final connection for Electric systems is to ensure that the connections are safe and carried out according to regulations and you have sufficient supply.  It is important to ensure safety but is also required as part of the electric building regulations for new builds, but a certificate may also be required as part of a home survey if you are selling the property as it is proof that the proper Electric Floor Heating system was installed correctly.  You can save a lot of time though by laying the mat out and installing it rather than your installer or builder doing it.

For Wet Underfloor Heating systems the bulk of the installation can be done by a competent DIYer, but again we would recommend an experienced plumber install the manifold and an Electrician connects any Electrical components for safety and regulations.  The Plumber will also ensure that the boiler or heat source will have enough power output for your Wet Underfloor Heating System.

In summary, we would recommend that the initial research and purchase is done by liaising with a Floor Heating Supplier and also your Electrician or Plumber to ensure you have enough supply power.  A competent person can do the bulk of the installation and then the connections carried out by the Electrician or Plumber.  We also advise you choosing a system from a reputable Underfloor heating Supplier/Manufacturer which will give you full technical support.  Reputable companies like Floor Heating-Direct only supply products that have the highest certifications and provide clear instructions on how to install the systems with unlimited UK support
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