How does Underfloor Heating work?

Underfloor Heating works by heating your flooring and floor construction and using it as effectively a large radiator to radiate heat into floor and the room.  It works on the principles of heat rising and using an even heat spread across the floor in conjunction with a well-insulated sub floor the heat will rise evenly across the room and only require a lower heat temperature out put than traditional radiators.  Unlike traditional radiators that are normally wall mounted and radiates heat upwards meaning that most of the heat will rise to the upper levels of the room rather than sitting or floor level.  Radiators need to work at high temperatures to generate enough efficient heating into the room.

Underfloor Heating systems either use hot water piping that is run in the floor construction or Electric heated Cables/Elements under the floor finish to heat the sub floor which in turn radiates into the room.
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