Electric Underfloor Heating Problems/Not Working?

Electric Underfloor heating, if installed correctly, usually has very few issues. However, it is not uncommon for a few to appear. In this article, we look to tackle the most common underfloor heating problems, what to do if these appear, and how to solve them.

OH NO! I cut my underfloor heating cable?

While an unfortunate issue, it is not the end of the world and is easy to do. The underfloor heating cable is a resistance cable that includes a two core heating cable with an earth sheathing covered encased in a high-quality casing, so if damaged it can easily be fixed following the stages below;

  1. Make sure it is a clean cut all the way through; if broken by a tile, tidy up the cable. If the outer casing is damaged, use a sharp knife and cut all the way through.

  2. Once clean cut all the way through, bareback the wires to reveal the two central core cables and the earth sheathing.

  3. Connect each core using straight through crimps (pink) and do the same with the earth sheathing.

  4. Once reconnected cover with heat shrink and reseal the break.

  5. Test using a multimeter and continue your installation.

*BE AWARE - To ensure the integrity of the cable, we would recommend making no more than three fixed on the cable.*

Why can I feel no heating?

99% of the time this issue is usually just a settings issue, there is a small chance of it being something more sinister. We are always here to help you sort your underfloor heating problems but look below at our quick checklist to see if we can resolve your issue.

  1. Have you left the underfloor heating on for long enough? If it is a new installation, or it has been off for a while, it may just need time to let the heat penetrate through the flooring. Checked?

  2. Make sure all connections are secure at the back of the thermostats (PLEASE NOTE - Whenever removing the thermostat from the wall, always isolate the power first. Checked?

  3. Using a standard multimeter, check the ohms resistance on the underfloor heating mat. Your expected resistance reading will be included in the instructions or control check card (+/- 10%). Checked?

  4. Give us a call to confirm or further query on 01887 822028.

I changed my thermostat and now it is not heating!

Electric underfloor heating systems require a thermostat to work; now over time, you may wish to changes these as technology improves to allow for a more convenient way to control your heating. You can carry this out as long as you ensure the below is followed

  1. ALWAYS check compatibility of thermostat before purchase and installation.

  2. When purchasing a new thermostat, we recommend installing the complete package, including the floor sensor. During initial installation, the sensor should have been mounted in a conduit pipe for easy removal.

  3. If it hasn't been, consult with the manufacturer to see if the sensor reading can be altered on the thermostat.

  4. If the above cannot be changed, a room sensor (whether external or built-in) can be used to control the underfloor heating.

Any other questions? Please get in contact with us at info@uk2.ezeeinternet.net or call 01887 822028 for further assistance.
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