Water Underfloor Heating Problems/Not Working?

Water Underfloor heating has more components than an electrical heating system and therefore has the potential for more issues or things that can go wrong; but don't worry, we are always here to help.

OH NO! I damaged my underfloor heating pipe?

Unlike electrical heating cables, water underfloor heating pipes aren't as easy to repair and in many cases, it may be better just starting again.

  1. Damaged underfloor heating pipes will always be a weak point, and even if you fix or splice together a pipe, this weak point will always remain and you end with a higher chance of a leak.

Why can I feel no heating?

Water Underfloor Heating systems run by distributing hot water through the pipes within your floor. Common problems could be;

  1. The water temperature is too low initially, so not enough heat is in the floor.

  2. Water underfloor heating can potentially develop air locks within the systems, it is a side effect of gravity within any water system, whether underfloor heating or standard water systems. Bleed the system, using the bleed valves found on the manifold' and see if this resolves the issue.

  3. Did you insulate your floor? A lot of issues where there isn't enough heat can be caused because there was never enough insulation so you are asking the system to work very hard.

  4. Give us a call to confirm or further query on 01887 822028.

Any other questions? Please get in contact with us at info@uk2.ezeeinternet.net or call 01887 822028 for further assistance.
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