Retrofit Underfloor Heating

With the popularity of underfloor heating on the rise and the benefits of underfloor heating noticed, more and more people are looking to install retrofit underfloor heating within their existing properties. However, installing underfloor heating within an existing property can create some issues.

Klima Underfloor Heating has been developing underfloor heating for over 25 years, and we have created some solutions to allow a retrofit underfloor heating installation.

Please see below a list of suitable wet underfloor heating systems that are available

Slim Fit Wet Underfloor Heating System

Our Slimfit underfloor heating system is the perfect retrofit underfloor heating system for under tile in any area of the house. The Slimfit system is a manufactured 12mm crate, that is designed to fit on a solid floor finish, such as ply or concrete. Once installed, cover the system in a latex self-leveller, and you can tile directly over. Raising your floor height by only 15mm, the Slimfit system is the perfect low profile retrofit system for installing underfloor heating.

For more information, please view further details here.

Low Profile Wet Underwood Heating System

Our low profile underwood heating system is a 25mm perforated insulation board that is a mounting and insulation system for underfloor heating pipes. The 25mm insulation board is designed to install on a solid subfloor, such as wood or concrete, and wooden or laminate floor that you install directly over the top. The heating pipes distribute their heat through aluminium omega profile plates that fit throughout the insulation board. The system takes a 14mm pipe, with a spacing of 100mm, allowing for a suitable heat output for wooden flooring. The low profile underfloor heating system is a great retrofit solution for underfloor heating directly beneath the wooden or laminate flooring.

           For more information, please view further details here.

Would you like a quotation?

Our team are on hand to supply a quotation for all your underfloor heating needs, whether a traditional in screed installation or a retrofit underfloor heating system. Please give us an email on or call us on 01887 822028,
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