Underfloor Heating Upstairs

With underfloor heating becoming more popular, systems have been developed to allow for Underfloor Heating Upstairs and in other areas of properties that restrict a traditional underfloor heating installation.

New innovative system designs now allow cost-effective water underfloor heating systems to allow for Underfloor Heating Upstairs within residential properties easily.  Klima Underfloor heating systems have recently added a new slimfit water underfloor heating system that uses a 10mm pipe and will only raise the height by 12mm.

The Klima slimfit system is a plastic overlay grid system that merely clicks together, and the water pipe is pressed into place.  The system can have a variety of floor coverings fitted over the top and also can be controlled via a traditional manifold system or off an existing radiator feed pipe using an RTL valve, eliminating the need expensive manifolds and pumps.  Klima systems are available through www.floorheating-direct.co.uk/old, they use Utube systems pipes manufactured in Holland and come with a 50-year pipe warranty.  This system consists of plastic mats (tiles), which quickly snapped together. 10 mm underfloor heating tube is clicked into the mat with the same ease. This installation is possible for the floor and the wall. The SlimFit system is specially designed for installation with a 10 mm tube. The open structure of the tiles ensures perfect adhesion of the screed to the original floor as on the wall. This system can also be used as the main heating source and is a solution for allowing Underfloor Heating Upstairs or in areas with weight or height restrictions.

Another system Klima Underfloor Heating do for more extensive areas is an overlay wet underfloor heating system which uses spreader plates to radiate heat from the pipes.  This overlay water floor heating system is suitable for under timber floorings such as laminates and engineered wood. This system would allow for a dry installation for Underfloor Heating Upstairs, where weight is an issue and won't allow for the loading of a screed.

Electric Underfloor heating systems are very easy to install in upper floor areas and systems such as the Klima Mat system for under tiles or the Klima Foil system for under floating wooden floors such as Laminate or Engineered wood
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