• Underfloor Heating Upstairs

    With underfloor heating becoming more popular, systems have been developed to allow for Underfloor Heating Upstairs and in other areas of properties that restrict a traditional underfloor heating installation.New innovative system designs now allow cost-effective water underfloor heating systems to allow for Underfloor Heating Upstairs within residential properties easily.  Klima Underfloor heating systems have recently added a new slimfit water underfloor heating system that...
  • Domestic Underfloor Heating

    Domestic Underfloor Heating can be a great alternative to traditional heating systems such as radiators in new build houses or renovations.  Underfloor Heating comes in two forms either a wet system which is heated water pipes incorporated into the floor construction that radiates heat through the floor or a dry system which is normally electric cables incorporated into the floor construction and radiating heat.The...
  • Underlay for Underfloor Heating

    A question that is asked a lot, is what underlay for underfloor heating can you use? Although you can lay carpet and underlay on top of certain Underfloor Heating products there are limitations and hazards that you must be aware off.  We do not recommend a system for directly under the carpet as the heat output would be too high, therefore we recommend a...
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