• Celotex Floor Insulation

    Klima underfloor heating has been recommending Celotex floor insulation for many years as we see them being one of the best brands in the Insulation market.  Key to any Underfloor Heating Insulation is using a quality insulation to prevent downward heat and improve efficiency.  Celotex themselves also highlights that insulation forms an essential part of any well designed underfloor heating systems.Celotex recommends using Celotex...
  • Underfloor Heating Screed

    The term Underfloor Heating Screed is mentioned a lot in conjunction with floor heating systems, but what exactly is it?The screed is the word used to describe the thin layer of sand cement mixture poured on top of the heating pipes which are attached to the structural concrete slab or insulation, this makes up the underfloor heating screed.We recommend 4 layers of which involves...
  • Underfloor Heating Reviews

    Underfloor Heating Reviews
    When buying underfloor heating, whether it be electric or water, there are so many companies out there you need to look at the Underfloor Heating Reviews to ensure the quality of the products you are buying. Systems ranging from cheap Chinese imports to European build and produced systems are available online, so to help you see the quality and assurance of Klima Underfloor Heating...
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