Watts Thermostat
Product Details  Watts Digital Thermostat Radio frequency thermostat ("RF" / 868 MHz) The Watts Wireless Clock Thermostat, supplied by Floor Heating-Direct, provides a precise regulation of the room temperatures across homes and office buildings. This clock thermostat allows you to...
Watts Master Control Unit
Product Details The Watts Master Control Unit has been specially designed to control underfloor heating by means of the normally closed actuators. Each control unit can control 6 zones and can be extended up to 10 or 12 zones by...
Watts Thermostat Kit for 1 Zone
Product Details   This kit for 1-zone control allows you to control the manifold as one zone by means of a 1 zone controller and a digital thermostat (this is particularly suitable for floor heating systems that heat one room)....
Watts 4 and 6 Zone Slave Modules
Product Details   These electro-thermal actuators may be used for the automatic control of the shut-off valves. Slave Modules for the WFHC Master Control Unit RF Extend the number of controlled zones from 6 to 10 or 12 Watts Slave...
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Magnum W-Thermostat
Product Details MAGNUM W-Thermostat provides precise control of room temperature. With this thermostat you can adjust the temperature based on a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day. The thermostat wirelessly communicates with the...
Magnum W-Controller
Product Details The MAGNUM W-Controller receiver is designed to control the temperature of heating systems through the “normally closed” actuators. Each receiver can control up to 8 zones and extended as required. Control via thermostat, PC, Tablet or Smartphone Heating...
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